Building Blocks

The building blocks are the base for the source of truth so devcelopers and designers work to consistent rules. I named the colours after fruits so they'd be memorable and fun. Like Apple, Lime and Passion-Fruit. Capturing the JUCY brand we've used rounded font for key headlines. Then I used a simpler typeface for content and functionality.

UI Elements

Each element is efficeintly designed to used inside each component and helped me keep the styling consistent. As the shapes got smaller, the styling was stripped back in favour of functionality.

UI Components 

Components were kept simple, so we could iterate quickly and to let the product shine through. The colour palettes of key elements could be swapped out to keep the system flexible and fresh. 

Experiences and Templates

Templates designs were intended as a starting point for pages in User flows or Sections. Showing all the possible variations of palettes, the templates were suggestions on how the parts could be put together to form a experiences.